Teddy Grozdanov has been a photographer, situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, for more than a decade. He graduated with an IT profile athigh school and was later admitted to study photography at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastyo Sarafov.” He started his professional career as a photographer working for a political magazine. He has received a number of awards at various artistic competitions. Teddy has also worked together with Rihanna‘s photographer on a cooperative project and has been a part of a number of international projects, including photoshoots in Paris, Milano, London, Greece and Turkey.

He founded his own studio in 2014. Currently, he is working with a number of fashion brands and with some of the most prestigious Bulgarian magazines. His work is in the fields of show business, fashion and business photography. He has appeared on covers of magazines such as Hello!, Harper’s BAZAAR, The Woman Today, EVA, Amica, Business Lady, Business Club and others.

He has supported and worked with a number of charity initiatives, by providing his professional abilities and photographs free of charge to auctions, the funds of which were granted to specific causes. One such initiative, where he has participated as a photographer and a lecturer, is “Buditeli”. The aim of this annual event is to inspire and motivate high-school and university students, as well as young people in general, to make their dreams reality and to be successful in both their careers and personal lives.

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